Now who wants to hear a story about a bridge?….

Really?! no takers? well sorry folks because that’s what i’m going to talk about, however they might not be the kind of bridges you are anticipating.

I will be talking about three different types of bridges here

Personal Bridges, transitional bridges, and my favorite,  inter dimensional bridges.


So the first being personal bridges are just as they sound. Through every relationship we establish, and i’ll go so far as just introducing yourself to someone, we establish a bridge and are tethered together by a invisible cord, or bridge if you will. The length of that bridge and stability of it relies not only on you but on the other person involved. Think of it like one party is trying to maintain the bridge while the other one is doing nothing or worse just tearing it down.

A friendship just starting out is going to look more like a rope bridge, your not to sure if you like it or not but your going to give it a try anyway. A strong healthy marriage is going to look like the golden gate bridge with the traffic being memories shared and emotions experienced, if strengthened this bond can allow you to even feel your partner over distances. All these bridges are built and can be “burnt down” once a bridge has been burnt its not impossible to rebuild it, its just going to take much more time. First before attempting to rebuild it remember why it was burnt in the first place.


The second kind of bridge being the transitional bridge, is just like it sounds too. There is always a bridge between where we are now and where we want to go, Between who we are and who we want to be. However unlike the personal bridge this bridge is created by a whole plethora of things, but three of the primary ones being, Perspective, the world, and time. Unlike the previous bridge though, this on should hopefully only be traversed once. Not to say once you get to the other side there isn’t a new bridge waiting for you however. The difficulty and stability of this bridge is only established by the individuals effort and drive to traverse it. Some of these bridges can be passed in a moment, but more often then not they will take some time.

When on the bridge of becoming who GOD wants us to be the world will throw obstacles in our path. Its our perspective and determination that will either allow us to maneuver about these with ease or with the up-most discomfort, but one way or another you will get to the other side, and GOD will Always give you a break, if you want one inbetween transitional bridges. Those “road blocks” or obstacles will become lessons, and you can use them to help others across the bridges in there life, establishing a personal bridge.


The final Bridge I will talk about is my favorite bridge, the bridge inbetween, physical and the etheral, between the natural realm and the heavenly places. This bridge is established and transversed depending on your relationship with GOD. Which is strengthened by obidance, communion with Holy Spirit, and through thanksgiving and praise.

this bridge is most easily traversed when setting the atmosphere for an encounter with holy spirit, which is done by praising and worshiping him, setting apart time of your day to just be still and meditate, and saturating yourself in the presance of GOD, but most importantly can be set any time any where. Praying and speaking to him about alowing you access to these places may take time but it also may not, it depends soley on you and what you precive to be truth. The most important part though, is the very reason we are even allowed to traverse this bridge, is a bridge himself. The most important bridge between our world and the spirit realm his name is Jesus.

without his sacrifice none of that would be possible which is why glorifying him and acknowledging his sacrifice is the easist possible way to experiance this bridge.




So maybe you find yourself on a burning bridge or maybe you’re in the middle of a really difficult bridge hit with all kinds of road blocks, My prayer to all is that wh may all travle along the JESUS bridge and seek out salvation and deliverance throu him, to live as he lived and to love as he loved, to live intentionally and deliberatly to advance the kingdom of heaven, and its only through his name In the name of JESUS I pray


Thank you for reading, I hope you got something out of this and know that you are greatly loved.





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