So most people  who know me would say that I am shameless  in how I live my life and how I carry myself. Glory to GOD for allowing me to live this way. However  I was in the process  of trying to get something from my past changed, not only because I kind of regretted  how it happened  but also to try and potentially open doors I was told to leave shut. Needless  to say the petition was denied and it kind of bummed me out, that’s when the enemy saw this as opportunity to advance, and I was feeling down and out with shame, regrets, and remorse, but then the spirit  of the lord came over me. I was blessed  with a vision and here is my best discription of what I was shown. There was this man who had like knight templar armor on (crazy how I was able to find the picture above after writing this, thanks daddy GOD) but it was beaten and dented, his sheild  had three arrows stuck in it, his clothing bits displaying the red crucifix was torn and muddy covered in blood and grime his helmet  was badly damaged but his sword was in perfect condition, okay so this man had obviously been through a rough battle. However he was standing  tall and proud, guarding this giant door, a crowd was gathered before him mocking him for the condition of his equipment some even throwing rocks at him but as they saw him just look more at peace through this and his resolve  unchanging they dispersed, and it was just he and I left. That’s when I walked over and asked him why he didn’t pull the arrows out of his sheild, he told me “because they were an attempt on my life and serve as a constant  reminder of what the lord has saved me from.” That’s when I asked “well why haven’t you got your armor repaired or your clothing bits washed?” To which he replied “because it is evidence of battles fought and lost, of lessons learned and I will ever wear it as medals and badges of honor to glorify my GOD.” So as I was taking it all in I asked him one final question “well then how does your sword look untouched.”
“The sword of the spirit, which is the living word of my GOD is unbreakable.” He said as he pulled off his helmet and revealed to me that it was me I was talking to. Needless to say after that I immediately began walking in victory. So if you have things you are ashamed of or that you regret put them as medals upon your chest and show the world how great our GOD is and what he has delivered  you from.

Romans 8:1
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

1 John 3:9
9 Whoever has been born of God does not sin, for His seed remains in him; and he cannot sin, because he has been born of God.



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