Victim mentality

So I had asked GOD to show me how to minister to people who have been victimized to help them overcome and walk in victory. To which he replied “Joshua operate in your sphere of influence.” And showed me the difference between a victim and a survivor. A victim is someone who let’s fear consume them, and whatever is causing the pain and heartache to block out the voice of the lord, I knew this, because of something called survivor’s remorse had me living like a victim for years. Until I looked more into the word survivor. To overcome the event and move forward not ever letting fear or heartache into your thoughts, by doing this, you take an event the enemy was trying to use, and use it as part of your testimony disabling the enemy’s advance and advancing the kingdom here on earth. So whatever got you here today whatever the enemy is trying to use to get you down, I pray that you will have the strength to say I am no longer a victim! I am an overcomer, a survivor in Christ Jesus.



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