The road so far

So the lord spoke to me saying “Joshua, I had you write this calling it the testimony of today, today is the day you shall share yours.” So it truely all starts when I was born, well before I was born really, because a year or so before hand my mother had a miscarriage and was told she was unable to have any more children(already having 3 sons) but, tada! she gets pregnant with me and when I was born my umbilical cord was tied in a true knot and I was purple and not breathing, but luckily the doctor and my mother were belivers of Christ and I was prayed to life, so I grew up in and out of churches, my spirtual gifts developed at a young age, and it was kind of frightening because I thought I was crazy for a long time. fast forward to the age of 14, my family had moved all over the country at this point and my father and mother decided to separate (they are both cool and I am cool with both now I love them dearly) that was the first chink in my armor, turning to worldly vices(drugs and alcohol, women, really anything to try and fill the void), but I still hadn’t fully turned my back on my faith, fast forward to the age of 21 when I did my second deployment to Afghanistan when I was in the United States Marine Corps, where I had seen and did things I wish on no one(don’t asks its the definition of a you had to be there story), there were situations that im sure had my mother and her team not been praying for me I would have been seriously wounded or worse. After that my entire perception changed, I had no value in anything other than battle, adrenaline became my drug, and I had developed PTSD, I kept trying to fill the void with alcohol And relationships but nothing ever worked out because the enemy had me so focused on my pain I forgot how to cry out and felt so unclean that I believed the lie that he wouldn’t even want to speak with me. It all came to a head the weekend I got out of the military I got hit by someone playing the knockout game, my head hit the concrete, but didn’t break my skull so it began to over pressureize and the doctor told my mom that I wouldn’t make it through the night but her and a group of people were praying for me and 3 or so days later I woke up out of a drug induced coma to angels standing all around my bed and Jesus at the head, he put his hand on my chest and said “Joshua its not your time to die, and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do”, so ithey said I would need rehab for a year which I didn’t, that I wouldn’t be able to do anything physical ever which I did and am still doing, and that I was at risk for having seizures which I haven’t had a one, I went back in for a check up like 3 months later, fully healed. I met a great family that helped me get back integrated with the body of Christ and I have been healed of my PTSD and been brought out of the darkness. So i was prayed back to life, spiritually and physically. Now I’ve been clean and sober for a year, and am working towards being a firefighter to save lives instead of take them, and I’m going on a mission trip with my church soon to bring peace instead of war. I am single but not lonely and I love how GOD loves, so if you are feeling like you are past redemption and are reading this just know GOD loves you no matter what you’ve done he just wants you to let him help out. All praise and Glory to GOD



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