Obedience of many

So the word of god has recently taken me to,

Romans 5:19 For just as through the disobedience of one man, many were made sinners, so also the obedience of one man many were made righteous.

Which is when GOD asked me, “What would the obedience of many look like?” Think about it, if one man obeyed GOD and saved the entire world what would happen if ten men obeyed GOD? or twenty? or even a thousand men obeyed GOD? It got me thinking even farther and digging deeper. If only a portion of our nation obeyed GOD we could be out of the situation we are in, so why is this not happening? Because too few want to go up to a stranger and say “hey Jesus loves you”, too few want to pick up and speak to the homeless man, too few will see those convicted of crime as redeemed, but most importantly to few are able to just say “Jesus I am broken and I need your help.” So my plea to you, is that today you reach out to someone who is hurting, and pray with them, ask GOD to show you what he wants you to do today, and if you are not saved or are in doubt, ask for guidance from the on who was, the one who IS, and the one who is to come, and he will show you.



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